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Ruishan company was founded in 1993 and established as Foshan Ruishan Group Co., Ltd. in November 2012. The group is headquartered in Foshan, a famous historical and cultural city in Lingnan, and its office building is located in Ruishan building, No. 3, Jihua fifth road, Chancheng District, Foshan City. It is a powerful comprehensive modern group enterprise. The main business of the group and its subsidiaries includes agent sales of plastic additives. In the course of years of development, Ruishan group has been committed to introducing the best quality raw materials for Chinese plastic enterprises, and has made positive contributions to the promotion and application of international plastic raw materials in China. As a well-known domestic supplier of imported raw materials, it enjoys high reputation in the industry. Ruishan group is a strategic partner of many international famous plastic additive manufacturers in Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia, and is one of the main product agents of Japan Zhongyuan company in China.

In the highly competitive market environment, Ruishan group is determined to innovate and forge ahead in the continuous development process. Its productivity and sales are increasing year by year, and from the perspective of diversification, the group's resources are integrated and extended to different fields. Return to the society, return to customers, and strive to create a satisfactory enterprise is our pursuit and responsibility as always! We are willing to work hand in hand with the industry and the majority of customers and friends, and continue to brilliant!